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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UPS Done and Done!

Hahahahahha~ lame me!!

I only realized it after Hisoka text me... "L, Are you some kind of president to give a 5.35 minute long speech?!!"

Haha .. yeah i blab too damn much.. it just show how many people i care about in KMM... i'm such a caring person, aren't i.. hehehe...

Ok, back on track..

UPS is finish! Yup, but your life here in KMM goes on... If u believe u did well here don't slack off.. if you believe you did crap in UPS ...BUCK UP WILL YA!! ..ehem.. a note to myself as well!!

Here's something to remind you of UPS...

Ok.. enough bout this... Next ish mah favvy... HOLIDAY!!!

Home is the best! My heaven on earth.. (em.. so far..)

My plans...

Saturday - Out to Melaka Town, for movies and KTV!

Sunday - Out with bros! Doing silly things!

Somewhere between Monday-next Sunday - Stay in KL!

Hang with Grandmama!

Gathering with *Tension Academy Members!

(Be on look out for Tension Academy Promo Mags that will be out so)

Out to Genting or Sunway! (With some KKM-lians) ..unsure...

Etc etc etc (..that cant be mention.. Ahakz!)

And the 2nd week... hmm... back to books... =_=

(Got to catch up with the topics i ignore during UPS... >_< )

..regarding to UDG Evo AMGC CLUB....

Please leave me your...


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Friday, June 19, 2009

KMM Zz-zz News 001


JPP Election!!!

The campaign is long over. The manifesto is already thrown out. The votes are in and the results are out!

Congratulation to winners!

A big win for one of the female candidates in pure science, lacking only by 11 voters, the one with most votes are none other hardworking and responsible ex-PDT, Siti Khadijah Abdul Jalil, better known as Deeja by her friends. Her promises, her manifesto and the help of dearest friends and classmates in promoting her as JPP’s next YDP, definitely contributed in her winning the election. Her effort and the effort of the people around her were worth it. However, as a person who cares more of KMM then herself, Deeja gracefully declined the post of YDP, and will settled on just being JPP's Secretary. This is because despite receiving the most votes, she understands well her capabilities and decides to step down and not hog the position. However none is for certain at this moment on who will be the next YDP, and is up to Cik Khai's decision.

Another candidate that attracted me, is a pure science candidate Fitrah Anugerah Ul-fah. The reason is because of the uniqueness of her name which means 'Fitrah Anugerah Tersayang', many people were mistaken of it being the tagline of her campaign.

On the voting day I believe the SPRK did a wonderful job in organizing the flow of the student as the session was over very quickly. From the mouth of others it is said that it took last year’s batch more than an hour for them to complete the voting process. They did a good job here and I express congrats to them as well.

However, when interviewed, one of the SPR said that they feel on that day they weren’t very efficient in grouping the students for voting. He said that the situation was slightly hectic however still under control. This I agreed to, because of the wrong information on the time in the timetable passed out to the students. The time stated in the timetable was 10-15 minutes later then the time they wished us to be at the grouping site. Thus this creates dissatisfaction among the students when they are being asked to pay compulsory compound for being on time. Furthermore during the night of the manifesto, in my opinion, the event wasn’t very successful, due to the terrible sound system in Dewan Utama, the candidates failed to get the attention of their fellow friends and to deliver their winning speech with much success which may be possible reason for their downfall.


The Cries Due to JPP Election!

Many were restless on why they aren't allowed to go home last weekend. Frustrated and depressed for some and for those living near by was thankful enough when the election ended early giving them time to spend a night at their beloved home, myself included.

Another commotion arises when announced of the Majlis Pelantikan Wartikah, this Saturday. Rumors spread that ‘Going home, is a no-no”. Some have already bought tickets home and are not happy with the news. However, roars came silent when only those involve have to attend the ceremony. Luckily for them, they'll get first hand news on who'll be the next line of JPP. So have fun and jot some notes, it do good as a practice for MUET Listening test and also for more KMM Zz-zz News in this blog!! Bwahahhahaha!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Entry 001: ANImates!

Entry 001: ANImates!

First thoughts upon arrival in KMM;
"Is there an AMGC (Anime Manga Games & Cosplay) Club here??"

From what i heard, there was one but was disband as soon as the founder left KMM. However, i have no idea as of how true it is.

My main objective now is to form a new AMGC club for KMM.

Due to the reason that this will not be KMM First AMGC Club, this club will be considered as a REBIRTH; Rising from the ashes of KMM-otakus before us, Emerging from underneath, The New AMGC Group shall carry the name...
UDG Év; UnDerGround Evolution.

Otakus of any sorts are welcome to stand along this resurrection. Whether you're COSPLAYER, GAMER, PHOTOGRAPHER, MANGAKA, ANIMATOR, a total J-FREAK or just a DIE HARD FAN of AMGC, this CLUB is for you.

During this 3 weeks, I've met the beautiful cosplayer;
NinaXHaku (Haku), the cute anime lover with a wide collection of J-Song; Yukana, the naughty Syamir and the active little Hakuryu, the childish Jaja, the sweet Ili, and the funny Syufa, who each shares the love for AMGC in their own special ways.