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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Entry 001: ANImates!

Entry 001: ANImates!

First thoughts upon arrival in KMM;
"Is there an AMGC (Anime Manga Games & Cosplay) Club here??"

From what i heard, there was one but was disband as soon as the founder left KMM. However, i have no idea as of how true it is.

My main objective now is to form a new AMGC club for KMM.

Due to the reason that this will not be KMM First AMGC Club, this club will be considered as a REBIRTH; Rising from the ashes of KMM-otakus before us, Emerging from underneath, The New AMGC Group shall carry the name...
UDG Év; UnDerGround Evolution.

Otakus of any sorts are welcome to stand along this resurrection. Whether you're COSPLAYER, GAMER, PHOTOGRAPHER, MANGAKA, ANIMATOR, a total J-FREAK or just a DIE HARD FAN of AMGC, this CLUB is for you.

During this 3 weeks, I've met the beautiful cosplayer;
NinaXHaku (Haku), the cute anime lover with a wide collection of J-Song; Yukana, the naughty Syamir and the active little Hakuryu, the childish Jaja, the sweet Ili, and the funny Syufa, who each shares the love for AMGC in their own special ways.

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ユカナ said...


Yup I DO have a large collection of Jap songs, but not THAT many ok??

Really hope there'll be a widespread of anime culture in KMM!!!

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