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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UPS Done and Done!

Hahahahahha~ lame me!!

I only realized it after Hisoka text me... "L, Are you some kind of president to give a 5.35 minute long speech?!!"

Haha .. yeah i blab too damn much.. it just show how many people i care about in KMM... i'm such a caring person, aren't i.. hehehe...

Ok, back on track..

UPS is finish! Yup, but your life here in KMM goes on... If u believe u did well here don't slack off.. if you believe you did crap in UPS ...BUCK UP WILL YA!! ..ehem.. a note to myself as well!!

Here's something to remind you of UPS...

Ok.. enough bout this... Next ish mah favvy... HOLIDAY!!!

Home is the best! My heaven on earth.. (em.. so far..)

My plans...

Saturday - Out to Melaka Town, for movies and KTV!

Sunday - Out with bros! Doing silly things!

Somewhere between Monday-next Sunday - Stay in KL!

Hang with Grandmama!

Gathering with *Tension Academy Members!

(Be on look out for Tension Academy Promo Mags that will be out so)

Out to Genting or Sunway! (With some KKM-lians) ..unsure...

Etc etc etc (..that cant be mention.. Ahakz!)

And the 2nd week... hmm... back to books... =_=

(Got to catch up with the topics i ignore during UPS... >_< )

..regarding to UDG Evo AMGC CLUB....

Please leave me your...


2 Blurbs!:

luqmal hadi said...

u anita?
cn i know wad ur club all about..
just asking..

L. ANSA said...

Its about anime, manga, games and cosplay (AMGC).
If we're lucky we might be to attend the upcoming AMGC event in August.. if not there still hope for other events.. Some of the activities we're planning is learning japanese language, tips on cosplaying, anime/games discussion and maybe how to draw manga tutorial or workshop for magazine editing and others..

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